GoPro Floaty Backdoor
GoPro Floaty Backdoor
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Easy-to-spot flotation for GoPro cameras. Attaches directly to the housing backdoor. Great for snorkeling, surfing, wakeboarding or other deep-water activity. Includes two Adhesive Anchors and Camera Tethers for added security in extreme conditions.


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5Cheap insurance for greater peace of mind!
By Davey B.
When I went white water rafting with my GoPro HD Hero Naked for the first time, I bought this as cheap insurance in case the tour outfit's pre-installed mounts happened to come loose from my helmet or I smacked heads with someone in the boat and knocked it off. After having a friend lose her GoPro in a lake when its suction-mount failed, I wasn't about to risk it.

There are several 3rd party floats for the GoPro cameras, but I liked this one for three reasons: 1) First and foremost, it comes with spare waterproof backdoors (one for the older Hero cameras, and one for the Hero3+ with the new smaller housing). That means that once you install the floaty back, you aren't stuck with a float always being on your original waterproof backdoor from there on out. This was important to me since I like to use the waterproof backdoor to cut down on wind noise when using the GoPro on my motorcycle, and I didn't want the extra bulky look of the float sticking out when mounting the camera on my helmet. 2) It's a high-visibility orange. I saw the slightly cheaper ProFloaty Removable - GoPro Floaty Backdoor Accessory that's available in a bright green color, and the orange seemed like it would be visible in a greater variety of situations. 3) And finally, while not important in the grand scheme of things, having an OEM accessory like this just looks nice. I like having the logo and the "Be a hero" tagline on the back of the float; it just makes the whole kit look a bit more high-quality.

If you're going to be heading out into a body of water with your GoPro, do yourself a favor and spend the $15 to protect your $200 to $400 investment. You'll regret needing the insurance of a float and not having it a lot more than having the insurance and not needing it.

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5Must Have for GoPrp
By Robert Wilson
If you have a GoPro you must get this for filming in water. I was alwasy worried I'd accidentially lose my $400 GoPro in the lake. This Floaty has a easilly seen high visability color, comes with a back door for both the older and newer GoPro Housings and the 3m Adhesive pad is very reliable. I no longer think twice taking my GoPro out on Lake Winnipesaukee!

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4Works well
By Arthur Black
I used the Floaty pad in combination with "The Bobber" handle on a recent boating / snorkeling outing. The Floaty element of the combination seemed to be well designed.

I wanted the pad for floatation during boating. And found the handle helpful during snorkeling. Either device alone probably would have been more than adequate for flotation.

Attaching the Floaty pad: The Floaty has a large adhesive pad to attach it to the back of the GoPro case. The Floaty covers essentially the entire back face of the GoPro case, so aligning it when attaching it to the back can be a bit tricky. You want the pad well centered but don't want it to interfere with the GoPro latch at the top if the case. What worked well for me was to put the Floaty pad down on a table, adhesive side up. Then press the provided spare door onto the Floaty pad. This allows you to look through the clear door as you are attaching it to the pad. Then remove the original GoPro door and snap this new one into place. Much easier to control the alignment than trying to press the Floaty onto the full GoPro case.

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